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iFindit has experience searching for exemplar cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, bicycles, appliances, tools, infant seats and accessories. Documentation and assurance that the item found matches the product that needs to be examined is crucial, and iFindit makes every effort to make sure that the condition of the item meets requirements.

This Chevrolet Suburban, made for the Mexican market, was located in Chihuahua, Mexico. Purchase arrangements were made, and the vehicle was crossed through both U.S. and Mexican Customs officers to be used for testing in the U.S. Undamaged exemplar vehicles with matching VIN numbers are located quickly and can be delivered anywhere they are needed. Vehicles are located both for purchase and for rent.

Often, an exact match to a product in question must be located in short order. Ifindit understands tight deadlines, exacting criteria for exemplar product. Our goal is to provide clientele with what they need at a very competitive rate and on time. Tools, appliances, difficult-to-find and very specific vehicles, and components from cars and trucks are just some of the exemplars found by iFindit. We also perform surveys of components, can locate multiple examples of a part or parts for repeated failure analysis, and can locate both exemplars and surrogate models within a specific height and weight for measurement in a vehicle and photographs.

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